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Characters are one of the most important parts in building a good story, whether for a video game or a movie. This is why, throughout the history of electronic leisure (although particularly in recent years), charismatic characters of all kinds have increased. Some are men, others are women, and others are even simple artificial intelligence with their own lives.

That is why today we wanted to move away from the flesh and blood characters to tell you about those who, in our view, are the best robots the world of video game has given in recent times. Without further delay, we leave you with our proposals and invite you to write your own in the comment box. Are your favorites among the ones we’ve selected?

  1. Legion (Mass Effect 2)

In the Mass Effect saga, there was always an open conflict; those who rebelled against their creators. However, in the second installment, we knew Legion, a geth robot with no hostile intentions who wanted to put an end to the warmongering. At Mass Effect 2 there was a dispute between Legion and Tali that only we could resolve. For the memory remains that mythical Shepard commander.

  1. Mega Man

If you have to keep a single robot as a representative of the entire video game industry, that would be Mega Man, the protagonist of Capcom’s legendary franchise of the same name that had its era of splendor many years ago. Some continue to demand a new surrender of this friendly robot, as the “spiritual successor” Mighty does not. Nine created by Keiji Inafune did not convince almost anyone.

  1. Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)

Bethesda’s fantastic Fallout 4 left us with a large cast of supporting characters, although the palm will probably be taken by a non-human. We’re talking about private detective Nick Valentine, a synth of great importance in the main story that wants to help us find our kidnapped son. Even though no human being can fall quite better than warring factions in the Commonwealth.

  1. 2B (NieR: Automata)

It has just been launched, and the protagonist of NieR: Automata has already been consecrated as one of the greatest successes of the year. 2B is a combat android with no emotion and only cares about fighting and fulfilling the mission entrusted to it. To make the counterpoint we have 9S, another exploration Android much more blissful and curious than his combative companion.

  1. GLaDOS (Portal)

One of the greatest villains in the history of video games is also one of the best robots. GLaDOS takes control of Aperture Science on the first Portal and then insists on making life impossible for our heroine with increasingly aggressive and unpredictable behavior and with phrases pronounced with a female voice loaded with cynicism and sarcasm. An unforgettable character.

  1. Claptrap (Borderlands)

Robots are often given an adequate personality to serve the protagonist of the adventure in question, but this is not the case with Claptrap, which appears in all the deliveries of the Borderlands saga. And this cute little robot is the most cowardly thing we’ve ever seen in a video game. Whenever you smell any danger, it goes by foot(or by wheels in this case).

  1. Ethan (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare)

On the contrary, we found it in E3N, Ethan, for friends. This is the combat robot that accompanies Nick Reyes on his space adventure in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He’s a brave robot, skilled in a scuffle and willing to do anything for the team. To top it all off, he has an acidic and particular sense of humor that makes him the King of Infinity Ward’s video game on many occasions.

  1. Clank (Ratchet & Clank)

One of the most beloved video game couples of the last decade is the one formed by Ratchet and Clank, protagonists of the homonymous saga. Ratchet, one fine day, found Clank, a small robot who escaped from the factory where he was made. The motive? They wanted to destroy it because it came out much smaller than expected. Fortunately, he was able to escape, and we have had fantastic adventures with him.

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