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Most Popular Futuristic Video Games Nowadays

The futuristic video game is also part of the science fiction which mostly captures good battle strategy, amazing game mechanics, gameplay and story. Some of the most popular futuristic video games include:

  1. Genesis Alpha One

This game was developed by Radiation Blue and published by team 17 Digital limited. It is a good-paced fight game, and one of the best robot games online where the player makes important decisions in designing a ship and also has to make important choices on which of the crew member to save or not. The ship is used for combat against alien forces.

  1. XCOM 2

Developed by Feraxis Games, this game is a follow up on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, where a special military force was created to ward off the invasion of earth. In XCOM 2, the planet had been overthrown by alien forces and the XCOM must be reestablished to battle and reclaim the earth. The player is burdened with the task of saving mankind.

  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

This game is a futuristic game where the player has to play as JC Denton, a United Nations Anti-Terrorism Coalition Agent. With the increasing cases of terrorism and the resultant chaos, the player has to make decisions that would affect even the lives of other people. The player, in accomplishing his different tasks has to come across groups like the Illuminati and the Triads. This game offers a different combination of genres.

  1. Gears of War

This game features loads of sophisticated weaponry, huge alien monsters, and super soldiers. In this game, many locust encounters turn out to be die-hard combat.

  1. Mass Effect

This game gave futuristic game lovers a game that was worth playing with great characters, different alien species, and different planets. Mass Effect also features good weaponry and a story the player would feel part of.

Game Mechanics Vs Game-Play

Most times gamers can’t differentiate between the gameplay and the game mechanics and they confuse one for the other. There is a slight difference which is also very basic. Game mechanics are methods designed by which the player’s action interacts with the state of the game. This interaction produces gameplay. The gameplay is produced by the combinations of many elements together with their interactions. The rule of the game, the player-game connection, challenges, how they are overcome, and plot are all part of the gameplay excluding the sound and graphics.

The Best Futuristic Online Games

Futuristic online games are usually games where players have to fight an enemy like robot games online. They produce awesome gaming experience. The futuristic games you can play online include:

  1. Eve Online

You can join the combat as spaceships battle with each other on different paths. Eve Online opens the player to space adventure with over 7800-star system and over 350 ships to fly. Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Aside from having to combat, the game also includes; piracy, mining, trading, exploring and manufacturing activities.

  1. Star Trek Online (STO)

Star Trek Online is a 3D game where the player has to conquer different enemies. In Star Trek, the players can either become the Captain of a starship belonging to the Federation or take the role of a Klingon Warlord who wars to expand the Empire. Players also take part in missions on the ground and space.

  1. Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online is a real-time fight game where the player has to fight with other players or with the environment. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

  1. Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune is a slot game. It was introduced as a space invasion and also features aliens, space ships and other outer space features together with the introduction of the spaceman of Cosmic Fortune. These features can be found on the reels.

  1. Space War

Space War is one of the casino games depicting the fight between five alien nations. This is one of the many robot games online that has great slot features.

These slots are also parts of casino games that can be played in an online casino. With online casinos, the player can also get no deposit casino bonus through which he can play for free and win real money. While playing online, players should ensure that it is a legal casino.

The Ultimate Robots Fight Online Games

Some of the robots games online where players have to battle includes;

  • Ultimate Robot Fight
  • Robot Fighter
  • Robotek HD
  • Toy Robot War
  • Wild Robo Factory

Players can play these robot games online through a legal casino. A casino bonus is given upon registration. With this online casino bonus, players can win real money.

How Is Artificial Intelligence
Used In Video Games?

In video games, like robot games online, artificial intelligence is used to decide the activities of non-playing characters (NPCs).

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